Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Blow Out for Your Hair

Many women love the way their hair looks right after they get it cut and styled, but are not able to obtain the same look again when they try to do it themselves. This is because a blow out that is done by a professional, like the ones at Style Lounge Salon, can leave your hair looking and feeling much softer and sleeker than when you try to do it at home on your own. The following guide walks you through a few of the reasons why a professional blow out is so great for your hair.

Stylists Use Professional Products on Your Hair

When you go to get a professional blow out, the stylist will use professional grade products on your hair. The products often do not contain harsh sulfates or drying chemicals that can leave your hair brittle and coarse. The products can be somewhat expensive and need to be applied properly to ensure that they are as productive as they can be. Many are designed to protect your hair from heat during the blow out to ensure that it is kept strong and healthy.

Professional Tools Are Used During the Blow Out

When you get your hair blown out professionally, the stylist will use professional grade tools to blow out your hair. The blow dryer that they use, for instance, will have different settings to ensure that just the right amount of heat is applied to your hair as it is blown out to ensure that it does not break or burn. The professional grade tools are often very expensive and the average consumer cannot always invest in them to create a professional blow out at home.

Stylists Have Professional Training to Do a Blow Out Properly

When a stylist goes to cosmetology school, he or she is taught the specific way that a blow out should be done. At home, it can be very difficult because your arms are often not long enough to reach the back of your hair easily. Also, the angles that need to be used to properly is often difficult to do on your own head. The professional stylist will know all of the techniques to use to blow out your hair perfectly regardless of the texture of your hair.

Keep Your Hair Looking Great for a Few Days

After the blow out is complete, the stylist will be able to walk you through the steps to take to keep your hair looking as great as it can for the next few days. A blow out will not leave you with permanently straight, bouncy hair, but it can leave you with great hair for at least a few days. You need to avoid getting your hair wet because it can cause your hair to frizz or start to curl or become wavy. Likewise, you want to avoid putting products, such as hair spray or gel, in your hair that can make it stiff or sticky. Also, avoid touching your hair too much with your hands or you could end up with greasy hair in a very short period of time.

Having your hair blown out can take some time, depending on how long it is. It is best to make an appointment with your stylist to ensure that he or she can set aside enough time to do your blow out on whichever day you need to have it done.