Fashion in the bedroom with photographic decor

The word ‘Bedroom’ itself relaxes you. It gives you your ‘own’ personal space for having ‘me’ or ‘we’ exclusive time of relaxing, dreaming and what not. Something – your very own, in your home. It’s so natural for you to feel apprehensive about what all ‘should be’ or ‘shouldn’t be’ there coz it is the space where comfort and decor play the very balanced role. The rightly placed furniture with easy access to perfect beddings which keeps you relaxed and comfortable to the perfectly placed photographic decor which confluence with each other can make your simple room look stylish and wanted. You can buy sofa sets online from Urban Ladder.

Flipping through the decor magazine’s pages or scrolling through the endless sites leaves you more and more interested and perplexed at the same time wondering what to choose and what not to.

Few guidelines that will help you to convert your dream and inspiration into beautiful reality:


A sophisticated anchoring tool that just defines the right tone and style of the room. Few pointers to check for:

  • Always place the artwork at the eye level so that it leaves the desired impression when you enter the room.
  • If the bed is placed at the center of the room and the room is not spacious enough, a rectangle or couple of small artworks will best suit at just the top center of the bed.
  • If the bed is right next to the wall it is best to complement the room with square or long big artwork to balance the deco. You can go for asymmetrical artworks of the same theme n a zigzag way too.
  • A side table just below the artwork will complete the look of the room.
  • Artwork should be in contrast tone to the furnishings e.g. a vibrant blue or sea green or sober orange will always break the monotony of the furniture palette tone.
  • Very heavy artwork can be a statement but it steals away the relaxing factor of the bedroom. Such art pieces are best suited for large drawing rooms.


To make a style statement you can go with different styles and textures rather than one to give it more vibrant yet ‘at home’ feeling.

  • Choosing different patterns and mix match of colors that compliment the room interior is a visual treat for anyone’s eye.
  • Usually, for the light palette of walls and dark/natural wood shade furniture vibrant shades of linen-like sea blue, turquoise or orange shades gels well.
  • The Inclusion of velvet cushions and multicolor knitted throwaway along with the simple linen add softness and warmth to your ‘own’ room. The Inclusion of sapphire blue or emerald green can simply brighten up your bedroom with simple decor.
  • Earthy tones of walls with dark colored furniture along with earthy tones of linen can be complemented by putting up some in-door breathing plants placed strategically.
  • Pastel walls (baby pink, mauve and baby blue) are very soothing and calming and compliments bright furniture and with lots of patterns and patchwork bright lining. Though personally, I would prefer these colors for children’s bedroom and not for master’s.

Whether you go for traditional color schemes or vibrant patterns or for the canopy with lots and lots of frills, a comfortable bed with striking bed head and cool bedding is the one that gives you ‘at home feeling’. It makes you comfortable and relaxing to have a sound and peaceful sleep, every night, night after night.

On an average of 8 hrs sleep every day, we spend one-third of our life on the bed. It’s a long-term investment and you should opt for investing wisely as it normally has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Its tone should complement the palette tone of the walls and the most important factor here is definitely ‘the comfort’. The right height of the bed with the cool bedding should go hand in hand.

The perfect base and the right mattress makes any bed ‘the bed’ for you. So take your time in deciding and invest wisely.

  • Never test and buy bedding when you are tired because you will end up liking and love every one of them.
  • Don’t just sit and hop over it to decide. Lying on it for 10 minutes will give you the exact feel and comfort of it.

Few pointers to look for may help you to go for the best cool bedding for extra comfort:

  • Go for the mattress that suits you and not the one which suits everyone or is high in demand in the market.
  • It’s better to test the mattress yourself rather than trusting the dealer. For him his targets are the priority, for you, it’s your comfort.
  • Go to the right size bed and right thickness f the mattress. No amount of money on the mattress spent can give you sound sleep if the size of the bed is restricting your movement.

Though lots and lots of brands are there in the market but buying the one which gels with the interior of the bedroom as well as making it ‘your own comfort room’ makes it the best choice.