Easy Home Décor Hacks

Redecorating can be easy and inexpensive, even if you’re on a budget, renting, or plain out of ideas. With some simple hacks, you can transform your place into the home of your dreams.

Kitchen Aid

There are about a million ways to modernize a kitchen to reflect your personal style and keep it practical. You can update your backsplash, add pantry shelves to an empty wall for doubled storage, or place a floral centerpiece in the middle of a well-kept dining table. Personalize your utensils with a bit of paint

Thrift Stores are Your Friend

Maybe you’re on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home as stylish as you dreamed. Thrift stores and flea markets are teeming with gorgeous old pieces that you can use as is, or revamp to fit with your apartment motif. From old chairs to perfectly antiqued picture frames, the sky is the limit as long as you head in with a creative mind and a knack for seeing hidden potential.

Make it Modern

It’s easy to update your home with the addition of modern items and stuff designed to reflect your passions in a stylish way. From wall clocks that serve as wall art and as your savior when your phone is dead, to unique art prints you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll definitely impress any visitors.

Don’t Neglect the Floor

If you’ve got some less than desirable flooring going on, but don’t have the money to completely transform it, purchase a rug. Not only will it add to the overall look of your home, it serves a practical purpose. Use carpet padding underneath a new rug, instead of an expensive rug pad. This increases that desirable plush feeling tenfold, and will make your feet feel like they’re resting on clouds.

Hanging Help

Command hooks aren’t only useful for dorm rooms. These bad boys come in handy in a variety of ways. Use them to hang a curtain rod, or hang a trash bag from two of them inside a kitchen cabinet door to get rid of an unsightly garbage can. These hooks can also help organize your kitchen by hanging cutting boards and utensils, or you can hang necklaces from them in your bedroom to make for sparkling wall art.

When in Doubt, Decant

Using a decanter for even the most boring everyday items can give any room an extra touch of class. Transfer your mouth wash into a crystal container for an elegance the queen of England would envy, or throw cereal into large mason jars to get rid of tacky looking boxes on the kitchen shelves. For a quick bathroom fix, find some uniform plastic lotion or liquid soap containers, and place your shampoos, conditioners, and what-have-yous into them for a coiffed, elegant appeal.


If you can paint in your apartment, then take advantage. Just a simple color change can drastically improve the appearance of any room, and add a bit of flair to your life. For an eye-defying unique look, paint your walls up halfway. For those of us dealing with the struggle of low ceilings, this helps make the room appear taller.


Even if you’re renting and aren’t allowed to make permanent changes, there are temporary wallpaper solutions that are easy to apply and remove when the time comes. Available in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors, it’s easy to quickly transform any room. It’s no stress to take off, as they are usually applied with an adhesive that’s easy to peel away.

Make Your Own Headboard

Headboards provide the perfect touch for a well put-together bedroom, but their high cost can make finding a suitable option feel impossible. If you’d love a trendy headboard, and you’re willing to put in a little work, try making your own. You can use an old door on its side to frame your pillows, apply mirror panels against the wall for a classy look, or hammer together some reclaimed wood and stain it to suit your needs.

Map It

If you’ve recently moved, or just want to pay homage to the city you’re currently living in, hang up a distressed map of the town to make for a vintage, worldly feel. With some wood stain or craft paint and Mod Podge, you can distress any printout map you find. Frame it for the easiest wall art craft ever.

Following these easy décor hacks makes redesigning your home a breeze. Creativity, frugal shopping, and ingenious recycled pieces can transform your space into a paradise and a place you’ll love to show off.