How do I dress for my wedding?

The year 2010 was the year of the vintage-mania, 2011, the royal wedding has brought to the fore a romantic atmosphere and princely: What awaits us in 2014/15? Here are the trends in terms of wedding dresses of the year!

I poked at a good pace on the catwalks of wedding gowns proposed for fall-Winter 2014 and … wow, that dream dresses! I am amazed of the new proposals coming from the collections 2014: pants, colorful clothes, on the other hand, elegant dresses and traditional, to suit all tastes. So here is some idea for choosing the gown you that day.

Back to back

From Kate Middleton in lace then definitely wanted and searched by brides and designers. Many models are inspired by Kate and then embroidered lace, in whole or in part (the bodice, the sleeves or skirt) for a “see-through” really feminine. The love for the style in the proposal of several models based on the style of the 50s divas like aMarilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly: short dresses, cut off below the knee, with full skirts and tight bodice that enhances the silhouette ensuring a ‘timeless elegance.

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lace wedding dress

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Sexy bride or at home? Both!

Always on the catwalk clothes with a provocative slit cut straight: the bride of today who breaks any link with tradition in favor of a modern shape and very sensual. Similarly on pass! the clothes are seen clearly present and comfortable … thanks insertion of love pockets! Almost imperceptible, the pocket wedding dresses are a very practical and comfortable choice: among the crags of the skirt to keep the bride “camouflaged” a handkerchief or lipstick, to face any emergency!


Let’s cut!

Long skirt, large and pompous GOODBYE: some proposals for 2012 say goodbye to the classic skirt wedding in favor of cuts and shapes definitely innovative! For you were designed wedding dresses with removable skirt, ready to make you feel at ease during the toasts, the wild dancing and the “kiss-kiss” of the reception. For those who love short dresses, but at the same time, would like to keep a touch of tradition, are proposed cut dresses but accompanied by mini train for an original effect, sexy and no doubt trendy.


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I’m getting married in pants

The demand and the spread of wedding dresses to pants, for women who do not like skirts, but prefer the elegance, poise, and a classic suit embellished with embroidery, ribbons and precious details or broken one with top decorated with a belt which cuts the figure: for a beautiful bride, original and, no doubt, of great character!


Farewell total white!

The white bridal gown starts to peep: the brides will now never in color! On the one hand they have been seen on the catwalks clothes fresh and saucy with floral motifs in various shades Other clothes instead offering colorful details, in line with the theme the wedding themselves.

Belts by the bright colors, corset boning in the dress or scattered across applications: the tradition continues to the sound of colors, for an original dress, modern, no doubt, full of surprises!


Simple Lace Satin Beading&Sequins Trumpet/mermaid Sweep Train Sweetheart Wedding Dresses with black belt.

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