DIY: Designer Shoes Project

Hey my beautiful ladies, your Fashion Diva is always here to inspire you and to embellish your day and today I’m here with a very interesting post that is called “DIY: Designer Shoes Project”. Are you excited? We all know that the shoes can be very expensive, but why spending money when we can transform our old shoes and make them to look like they are new! Don’t throw your old shoes, because there are million of DIY ideas that will help you to make the shoes from your dreams, without spending money and what’s the most important part – you won’t need much time and effort!

Would you like to wear Gucci’s pair of shoes? Who wouldn’t like? Although they cost million of dollars, there is always a way to copy them! The project that I have found for you is a proof that everything can be done.

What we will need to make this Shoes Project:

1. Pair of pumps.
2. Cotton houndstooth print fabric.
3. Mod Podge original. You may also use a fabric glue but Mod Podge works the best.
4. Craft Sponge brush
5. Scissors
6. Patience… this is not an easy one.


You can find full tutorial on Love Maegan Blog.
I hope that you have liked this post and you have found it interesting and useful. If you are shoe-holic then you should start improving your diy skills and techniques, because this is the best way to save some money and to look fabulous and glam too. Put the Gucci’s shoes on and go out with style. I love shoes and this is my next project for sure. What do you think? If you have some other ideas, then feel free to leave me a comment! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!