Cubic Zirconia (CZ) vs. Diamonds




Diamonds and cubic zirconia are oftentimes mistaken for the other based on their appearances alone. However, their similarities end there. For one thing, diamonds are naturally occurring, while cubic zirconia are manufactured. This also means that diamonds are typically very expensive, while cubic zirconia can be sold at a relatively less expensive price.

If you’re torn between choosing cubic zirconia or a diamond for your jewelry, take a look at the comparison between the two below:

Dispersion and Refractive Index

Dispersion and Refractive Index are properties of a gemstone that affects how light passes through and is reflected off of a gemstone. A cubic zirconia has a higher dispersion quality than a diamond, which allows it to sparkle and reflect light more than the diamond.

On the other hand, diamonds have a higher refractive index, which means it can “capture” more light in the same way that a cubic zirconia gem will. These differences in values are just slightly perceptible in smaller sized cubic zirconia and diamond gemstones, however, they can be pretty noticeable in larger carat cubic zirconia stones.


Diamonds are known to be the hardest natural material. Cubic zirconia, while looking like a diamond, is not nearly as hard. However, it is still harder than most natural gemstones found with a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale as opposed to the diamond’s 10.


Cubic zirconia is denser than diamonds, and thus, weighs a bit more. However, this added weight is barely noticeable, although the weight difference may be slightly more perceptible on rings. Nevertheless, the weight difference is still a small amount compared to larger carat gemstone rings.


Diamonds almost always have some slight inclusions within their stones, and a completely flawless diamond is an extremely valuable rare find. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, are always flawless.


Diamonds typically cost thousands of dollars, even for a one carat stone with passable clarity, cut, and color. Cubic zirconia are much more affordable than real diamonds. This difference in prices often becomes more significant with the increase in carat size, and also between fancy colored diamonds versus fancy colored cubic zirconia stones. So if your goal is to find an affordable option for a fancy colored engagement ring, a cubic zirconia ring may be the best solution. Check out some rings and jewelry made of Cubic Zirconia by Teeda for the perfect CZ ring.

Often, we tend to weigh the value of the jewelry versus the cost, so if you’re looking for a gem that mimics the multi-faceted beauty of the diamond without the huge price tag, then the cubic zirconia is for you.