Why More Clothing Companies Should Offer a Mystery Box

You may well be wondering what exactly a mystery box is; well simply put, it is a box full of random items of clothing from an online retailer. If you are indecisive, looking for inspiration or simply love the idea you could get absolutely anything – then this is the product for you. All you need to do is enter your size and gender, and you will receive a box in the post packed full of amazing clothing items.

Sounds great right? So why aren’t more companies offering this?   

We’ve scrawled the internet and found a handful of online retailers who are currently offering this service, so this article will talk you through what can expect to unpack, why you should buy one, and who currently offers the best mystery boxes on the market.

What’s Included?

Depending on the retailer, and what sort of clothing items they sell will very much depend on what you can expect to find.

Don’t worry, you won’t find sale items or clothing online retailers are trying to shift. Most stores pack mystery boxes with their freshest gear, as they are usually one of the best selling items on their site.

And anyway, most mystery boxes specify what type of items you can expect to find, so you have an idea before purchasing, if that mystery box is for you! There are usually a range of mystery boxes available too, so you can choose the one that packs the type of clothing you are looking for – whether that’s urban streetwear, smart casual attire or smart shirts and ties!

Why You Should Buy One

I think it’s difficult to ignore the fact that everyone likes an element of luck, that feeling of unboxing the unknown to find great pieces of clothing is almost worth the price of the box alone! It is also an incredibly convenient way of shopping and can double up as a great birthday or Christmas gift for your friends and family.

Apart from the sense of wonder and ease of convenience, mystery boxes are usually heavily discounted. Again, this varies across retailers, but you can expect to find discounts anywhere between a 25% and 50% reduction!

That is a huge saving, especially on designer clothing.

Who Currently Offers the Best Mystery Boxes?

As I mentioned earlier, there are only a handful of online retailers offering this service, and we really hope more and more get onboard.

We really like the Deluxe Mystery Box by 304, it’s available in both male and female variations and packs a huge saving of 50%! Priced at £75.00, you can expect to find up to £150 worth of great clothing.

304 Clothing is a unique mix of classic English streetwear and American varsity style. They stock a great range of hoodies, joggers, tracksuits and more – supplying the latest urban streetwear all year round. They constantly update their collection with new and exciting items, for example: we really like their new portal t-shirt – who knows, you may end up getting one in your mystery box!