How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

When you’re shopping for a corset, you may initially find yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of options available.  Without the right amount of knowledge beforehand, you could end up choosing a corset that doesn’t suit your body type structurally or aesthetically.  It’s definitely important to choose a corset that you feel is beautiful and stylish.  But it’s far more important to ensure that your corset fits your body just right to avoid any long-term issues in the future.


The 3 Different Body Types


Before you can properly identify the right corset for your body type, you need to understand which body type you have.  This may sound elementary, but the knowledge in this arena isn’t as common as one would expect.  For the purpose of fitting corsets, there are three main body types.


First there’s the Modern Figure.  Women with this body type have small hips and ribs in comparison to their waists.  Their figures are more or less straight up and down and not very shapely.  The Hourglass Figure is the body shape most commonly associated with classic 1950s pinups.  These women have well balanced hips and busts as well as very defined waists.  Their shoulders are gently rounded and aligned with their hips.  Last but not least, women with a pear figure have small busts and defined waists in comparison to their hips.  Think Kim Kardashian for this body type.


Once you’ve identified your body type, you need to select the corset that’s the most comfortable, supportive, and flattering for you.  It’s important to note that the right corset will have lace channels that are parallel to each other, and it will have a 2-3 inch gap at the back.


The Right Corset for the Modern Figure


It’s crucial that you pay attention to how your corset fits.  Subtle details can help you determine if you’re in the right style or if you need an adjustment.  With the modern figure, your size isn’t as important as your shape.  Both slim and curvy girls can have this body type.  The hips and ribs of your corset should sit flush to your body, and you should be able to close the waist lacing.  When women with a modern figure are in a corset that’s too curvy and small, the lacing at the waist will not close. The hips and ribs will fit just fine, but you’ll find problems elsewhere.  In a corset that’s too curvy and too big, the opposite problem occurs.  The waist lacing will close but the hips and ribs will have far too much extra room.


The Right Corset for the Hourglass Figure


Women with an hourglass figure need corsets in which they can avoid huge gaps between the lacing.  If your corset is too small, you’ll find large gaps between the laces at the top and bottom of the corset.  However, you’ll still be able to close the middle.  You’ll also find your hips and ribs squishing out of the top and bottom of your corset.


The Right Corset for the Pear Figure


For women with a pear figure, issues with the hips and ribs will alert you to the wrong fit.  If your hips are squishing out of the bottom of your corset and your bottom laces are open, the corset doesn’t have a big enough hip spring.  If your corset is fully closed and laced but there’s still a lot of flare around the ribs, it’s too big.  You want to avoid these issues.


Once you know your body type, identifying the perfect fitting corset is all about how it fits your hips, ribs, and waist.  Using the information above, you’ll be able to avoid the most common fit pitfalls.