How to Choose the Best Workout Shoes for Women

You’ve targeted shedding those extra kilos in a time period of six months, and are always looking for tips and tricks on staying fit. They call you an exercise freak. Well, good for you! Talking care of your health is crucial for a happy and fit mind, body as well as soul. But wait a minute – do you pay as much heed to your workout attire as well? Are you buying cheap online shoes? Chances are that if you are ignoring the kind of clothing and shoes that you wear while running those miles, or training on the treadmill, you might end up sweaty, fatigued and worn out enough to give up all the effort too soon.

While choosing the right workout clothes is a different matter, these are the tips to opt for the right workout shoes in case you are woman who regularly involves herself in some kind of workout.


  1. Know Your Foot Type: The shape of your feet is a crucial factor in deciding the kind of shoes that you must wear. There are three most common types of foot arcs in humans, which decide the shape of your foot. Whether you have a high arch or a low arch determines the comfort you are likely to experience by wearing a particular kind of shoe. Also, a onetime measurement of your feet won’t suffice for purchasing shoes. You need to get your shoe size measured every time you buy a pair for yourself.
  2. Walking Vs. Running: If you are thinking about walking three days and running two days in a week, then you must buy yourself separate shoes for walking and running. Many people take this differentiation of shoes very casually. However, the reason why walking shoes are different from running shoes is the fact that both forms of workouts put different levels of pressure on your feet.
  3. Check the Heel and the Pump: The running shoes that you buy should have a certain heel and a necessary pumping that takes care of the proper lift that your body gets after you lift your foot off the ground. The heel of your shoe is necessary to give your ankles a comfortable time while you workout.
  4. Shop When At Ease: Until and unless you are scrolling and buying from online shoes stores, it is always advised that you shop for workout shoes at the end of the day. During day time, your feet swell and grow a bit bigger than their actual size. Therefore, giving your feet some rest before shopping for them is the right way to find yourself the right sized shoes.
  5. Be Brand Wise: Branded shoes and sneakers are always preferable purchases when it is a matter of purchasing workout shoes. Pick a pair from Converse and you’ll never be disappointed. These make probably the best walking shoes.
  6. Don’t Fall for the Fluff: Style is secondary when it comes to workout shoes and clothes. Even if you are buying from online shoes stores, do not waste your time finding ‘good looking’ shoes. Rather, spend most of it on searching for quality shoes that are just right for your feet.


There is a variety available within the single category defined as workout shoes that you can find from online shoe stores. For example, there are cross training shoes, trail shoes, jogging shoes, walking shoes, running shoes. All these shoes are different from one another. Then there are specialty shoes that are made for weight lifting and other tough sport activities.

Keep all these factors in mind while purchasing the right pair of shoes for yourself and you will surely feel a difference in your workout as well as in its results.