Celebrity-Curated Fashion and Design

Bringing together a unique sense of style into your home and closet has never been more exciting than with today’s popularly curated collections that define home and personal style. Curated collections are distinct products and styles that drive past day-to-day trends to leave their signature on fashion, decor and art. Check out some of the top picks to help transform celeb style into your very own:

Luxe collections at affordable prices

Nothing says luxury better than finds that don’t break the bank. The BeachMint curated collections have brought together timeless style across four cool lines — BeachMint, ShoeMint, JewelMint and IntiMint. Created by serial entrepreneur Josh Berman, co-founder of My Space and Diego Berdakin, the collections are designed by fashion maven twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Kate Bosworth and Brooke Burke. What’s appealing about these collections is they are curated for you personally. All you do is sign up for a small fee, decide how much you’d like to regularly spend and get set to filling out a fun questionnaire about your style preferences. Once your style file is created, the service sends you personalized finds that are curated just for your own unique taste.

Photo of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen by David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

Curated collections for a cause

Joss & Main, known for stylizing contemporary homes from coast to coast, hosted a collection curated by “Cougars” actress Courteney Cox. She loved the idea of bringing what she calls “organic modern” into her home while curating for a cause. Her Malibu home is inspired by a relaxed, yet modern take on pieces from famous designers such as Eames and Herman Miller. A portion of the proceeds from the Joss & Main collection were donated to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, an organization that raises funds and brings awareness to the serious health concern that affects young children.

Photo by Albert Domasin via Wikimedia Commons

One-of-a-kind finds

Sure, the price tag might be a tad bit shocking, but you’ll be the only kid on the block with the find. Aha-life provides just that for in-the-know fashion and art buffs. Aha-life allows its users to follow and read stories about popular curators in the fashion and art world choosing pieces that are either one-offs or may only be available for a limited time. Over time, users can collect signature pieces by artists they’ll not find in stores. The famed founder, Shauna Mei thought it would be inspiring if consumers could follow designers and artists through their “story” of how the one of a kind pieces are made. When you see the time, love and effort that went into making a scarf or handbag that only you will own, the price tag becomes less of a sticker shock.