5 Ways to Personalize Your Workwear: A Guide for Men and Women

Fashion is one of the most compelling ways to convey individuality, and with ever more daring styles hitting the runway, the power of self-expression through dress knows no bounds. However, when it comes to dressing for business, the scope for creativity is often restricted by dress codes and conventions, and expressing your own style can be a challenge. Whilst experimenting with colors and cuts may not be an option, there are plenty of other ways to stand out in the boardroom. Here are some tips on how both men and women can personalize their workwear without compromising on professionalism.

1. Stylish Specs

Glasses are not only there to aid vision—they also present the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement at work. Use your specs to express your personal style and introduce a touch of color—or pattern—to your outfit. For a fun alternative to black, opt for purple, red or blue frames. Equally, you can experiment with different shapes; try a rounded pair for a John Lennon-inspired look, or a retro-style model like these Versace Crystal Charm frames.

2. Neck Decoration

Even if your office requires you to keep your clothing conservative, a little decoration around the collar is a subtle yet effective way to get creative. As androgynous fashion continues to reign, ties are the ideal accessory for businessmen and women alike, and with no end of colors and patterns to choose from, you can be as bold as you dare with your neckwear. You can also opt for a classy gold chain. Match it with a simple attire and still look professional. Just make sure you don’t overdo it so it won’t look overwhelming. You can also flaunt it during business events and office parties.

3. Work-Friendly Wrist Wear

There is nothing quite like a flash of impressive jewelry to bring a bit of character to your uniform, especially when reaching out for that all-important handshake. Well-chosen wrist wear can speak volumes, so opt for something smart yet unique. For truly businesslike bling, try a luxury chronograph like these pilot’s watches from Chrono24, or—in keeping with gender-neutral fashion—these eye-catching unisex cufflinks.

4. Fancy Footwear

Far from being an afterthought, shoes rarely go unnoticed, so it’s crucial to slip on a pair that truly express your style. Again, your color palette may be limited but you can play around with shape and style to convey your personality. A pointed toe or subtle pattern can create a quirky yet understated look, whilst buckles, bows and fringing make for even more adventurous footwear.

5. One-of-a-Kind Luggage

Finally, your bag doesn’t technically count as part of your attire, so you can afford to be a little more expressive with this accessory. Instead of the conventional briefcase, opt for a stylish backpack instead; a suede and leather rucksack ensures the perfect mix of smart and contemporary. Alternatively, for truly individual and personal style, go for something custom-made; take a look at this guide on how to make your very own handbag.