5 Things We Can Learn From Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing is in a world of its own as it enlists the help of celebs, dominates the advertisements on television and encourages us to dip our hands in our wallets and hand over our hard earned cash. So, what can we learn from the fashion brands dominating the marketing world?

Social media rules everything

The fashion brands that are doing particularly well are usually using social media to their advantage on a daily basis. ASOS are a great example of this, and have now started creating their own on-page content to share which is engaging consumers on all platforms. Instagram is proving to be one of the strongest for engagement when it comes to fashion marketing and the brand’s use of the social platform is something to be admired.

Exclusivity is a great hook

Instagram is a popular platform when it comes to marketing in fashion, as the visually stimulating app allows fashion brands to showcase their products easily. Brands utilise Instagram to offer exclusivity to its followers, with many fashion brands posting images of behind the scenes at photoshoots and sneak previews of newly launched ranges. This is something more businesses should take on board, to keep followers hooked and interested.

Put your hand in your pocket for offline advertising

It’s not just the digital world the fashion industry is dominating when it comes to marketing; brands are also not afraid to share their message on adverts throughout the country in the form of posters and billboards. Businesses should invest more in high impact advertising, such as this, considering using services such as Helloprint poster printing and getting those featured in your local area.

Use your customers for free promotion

Utilising your customer base online is a great way of marketing your business and is something fashion brands do on a daily basis. Whether it’s asking them to fill in a survey about your service or completing a review online, their honest opinions can help your brand go a long way.

Fashion brands also encourage customers to model their clothing and post pictures online with a special hashtag, these customers do this with the hope of being featured on the brand’s page but they are also unknowingly promoting and advertising the brand for free. Topshop is a big advocate of this method and just last year utilised the hashtag #TopshopWindow which encouraged customers to share their looks wearing the brand on Instagram. The images were then gathered and featured in a digital mosaic in the window of the brand’s flagship Oxford Circus store.

Bring in the bloggers

Following on from this notion of using customers to help market a brand, the fashion industry is also very good when it comes to working with relevant bloggers and vloggers, sending them products for them to review and share with their thousands (to millions) of followers. Fashion brands will also sponsor these internet celebrities in order to be associated with them or featured heavily in their content. Businesses can also adopt this marketing method by reaching out to relevant bloggers and working with them.

When it comes to inspiration in marketing, the fashion industry is definitely the place to turn to as it dominates most marketing channels and is not afraid to experiment with new platforms or methods. Don’t be afraid to test new content, try out a partnership with a blogger and even adopt offline, traditional methods such as print advertising and promotional posters to spread the word.