5 Things Dancers Do Differently

Dance is, and always has been, an expression of emotions set to music. This is why the combination of beautiful music and artistic dance is so moving to those who watch it. For a dancer to reach this artistic level, they must mold their life around their craft.


What is required to be a good dancer?

A good dancer is always in training. It does not end when she leaves the dance studio. She must always be aware of her body and health. She must have the stamina of any other athlete. She will practice for many hours. She trains herself to count minutes, not hours. She works as long as necessary to reach her goals.

A dancer must maintain full control of every muscle in her body, at all times. She must have supernatural flexibility and be able to fold her body in half. She will have to be able to carry three times her body weight while standing on her toes.

This is a snap-shot of her daily life.  With this in mind, it is clear that she will do things differently to attain success.

  1. She carefully chooses the people around her

A dancer trains her mind to be totally committed. That extends beyond the studio. Her time is limited, so the people that she allows in her life are very important to her. She is fiercely dedicated to them. She will not allow anyone in her world that does not show her that same dedication.

This trait also bleeds over into other aspects of her life. She is a very steadfast student and she is a valued and loyal employee. Everything in her life has a place and she guards them carefully.

   2. She maintains a state of readiness

A dancer is always ready for the next thing, whatever it may be. She keeps a sharp eye on opportunities that present themselves and moves on them quickly. Her dance bag is always at hand and always in order.

Her bag contains:

  • Leotards for adults
  • Warm-up clothes
  • Hygiene items
  • Dance shoes
  • A resume and portfolio
  • High-quality protein snacks
  • Hair bands and hairspray
  • Water bottles

She understands the importance of being at the right place, at the right time.

   3. She makes it home for dinner

Even with all the facts listed above, every dancer knows the importance of rest and recovery. This is not a luxury. If she does not replenish her body, it will not function at peak performance. She sets a time when she is finished for the day and when that time comes, she stops. Most dancers try to combine their restful times with her evening meal.

   4. She critiques herself

There is always someone around who will critique your efforts. If that someone is a seasoned dancer or an instructor, she will cherish the advice. If it is a jealous “hater” she will ignore them. However, she will always critique herself. The use of video equipment and mirrors are tools she uses. This is not about ego, it is about growth.

   5. She avoids medications

There are times when medications are necessary, but if there is an all-natural remedy they will take advantage of it. Because she is so intuned with her body, she recognizes when something is off and addresses it quickly. A dancer will maintain her health with nutrition, fresh water, exercise, and all natural supplements.