5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hair Extension

Lots of women have patchy hair, thinning hairlines or just an unhealthy amount of short hair on their scalp. And there are the playful ones who just want to pump up their natural hair volume for fun. Either way, hair extension is the perfect solution, making a woman’s hair look full and lustrous. For beginners, there are some tricks to learn before you give hair extension a go – you might end up making a mess or look downright ridiculous if you aren’t aware of these! So, allow me to enlighten you:

Choosing the Right Type

To start with, you have to choose if you want to use human hair or synthetic ones. As human hair is pretty costly, for a quick fix, one might opt for the cheaper synthetic extensions. On the contrary, if you are looking for a permanent arrangement, I suggest you to go for human hair extensions.

There are two types of human hair extensions:

  1. Remy extensions are the ones which you can use and maintain like your natural hair, as the direction of root to tip is maintained while making these extensions. They last longer, look more natural yet, are the costliest hair extension in the market (Apart from virgin hair extensions, created with hair from one single donor. Nowadays virgin extensions are mostly avoided forhealth issues).
  2. On the other hand, non-Remy extensions are cheaper than Remy, but as they don’t come with the right alignment of natural root to tip direction for each hair, they can easily get tangled up. Another thing to keep in mind is that non-Remy hair becomes lifeless and dull after several washes. So, you must balance your wallet and your needed usage-period of human hair extensions.

Synthetic extensions can be of different types, like Kanekalon, Toyokalon etc. Synthetic extensions fail to give a natural look, and they can’t be brushed or combed or untangled as easily as human hair extensions either. Here’s a pro-tip: never expose the synthetic extensions to heat for any kind of styling. They will melt and ruin your natural hair.

Both type of hair extension (human and synthetic) can be found in various forms of clip-in, tape-in, glue-in, micro-link, sew-in, keratin-bond etc. Tape-in and clip-in are the most popular hair extensions, with clip-in extensions being the cheapest temporary hair extension in the current market.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions
are also a very popular choice of hair extension and offer a more long
term solution than clip in extensions and without the need for tape or
glue. These hair extensions are connected to you own hair by small rings
approximately 1cm away from your scalp and last a number of months before
you need to replace them, making them a great long term option.

Quality vs. Cost

Hair extensions are weighed in grams. If you are using extensions for the first time, I recommend that you do not opt for lengthy extensions – sure to tug at you and your wallet with all that weight. Measure out your own hair length; discuss what volume you need with someone who has already used hair extensions to figure out how many grams extension is needed for your desired look. I highly recommend starting with quality extensions – they might be more expensive, but your first experience with hair extension should make you feel like a Queen, right? Practicing with small amount of premium hair extension can give you the satisfaction which heaps of cheap, fake-looking extensions can never offer!


Before buying extensions, you must visualize what look you are aiming for. This helps you to select extension based on your aim and your own hair color. For instance, if you are going for a different color, you must make sure that the extensions are going to blend in with your natural hair and make you look classy, rather than a weirdo. Hair extension comes with a variety of colors and shades. Place the extensions on your forehead and check them in the mirror, if you are unsure about the correct shade. Double-check the color of the extensions from someone who has already used them if you are ordering the extensions online.


Premium quality tape-in extensions don’t need additional care. You must keep them clean and brush them regularly. While shampooing, do not scrub at the root area of extensions. Curling iron or hair straighteners are suggested to be kept at a distance from the attachments. As for the clip-in extensions, use mildly warm water to gently wash them. The U-shaped clips hold the extensions much better, giving you comfort and ease of usage, so try to get these for longevity of the extensions.
As a rule of thumb, don’t shampoo either kind of extensions too often. As they don’t get natural scalp-oil from the head, they might lose color or become dull with too much cleansing. Further, avoid sleeping with wet extensions is also recommended. Swimming with your hair extension on is not forbidden but try to avoid doing this as much as you can – chlorine discolors extensions. If the extensions come with home-care guidelines, you must follow them.


The purpose of hair extensions is to make you look gorgeous, not to damage your natural tresses. Using premium quality hair extension is safe most of the times – but the sore point here is that some women have unstable hair, which might break if they were to bear any kind of weight. You must know if your hair is unstable or not, because hair-extension is an absolute no-go for this kind of hair-owners. If your hair is stable, make sure that you do not use the wrong kind of clips in your extension, that you are cleaning the extensions adequately and that the tape-in extensions are added with safe bonding chemicals. As we have already said, never expose the synthetic ones to heat! If you follow these instructions, both your hair and hair-extensions will be completely safe.


Keeping these tips in mind, find the best fit for your demand, style and wallet. If done with utmost attention to details, your hair will look vibrant and true with the extensions – letting you have the freedom of styling yourself with glamorous versatility!