5 Reasons why the Diamond Tennis Bracelet went out of style

Diamonds are always going to be in style. However, the way they are worn can come and go in fashion. The diamond tennis bracelet, for example, is currently out of style with those who follow fashion. The following reasons explain why this once popular look is now a faux pas.

1) Uncool Vintage
Face it: vintage is popular. However, woe be the girl who wears ugly vintage. Unfortunately, the tennis bracelet has become synonymous with wealthy waspy women of the 1940’s (and 1980’s). There is nothing modern or fresh about this look.  Granted, everything old is new again, but the Tennis bracelet just hasn’t quite come back into fashion.
2) Wilder Designs
A tennis bracelet is so simple. Why wear diamonds at all if they look like every other crystal bracelet? If you are going to invest in a piece made out of diamonds, then make it unique. This will make your jewelry trendier, but it will be more special as a result. Who wants to blend in anyway?

3) Expensive to Upkeep
Older tennis bracelets are not as well made as modern pieces. As a result, they often need to be repaired. This cannot be done by any regular mall jewelry. Older pieces need to be handled with care. This upkeep can be expensive. It is often more convenient to sell an old diamond online and use the money buys some contemporary pieces.

4) Nothing Special
The diamond tennis bracelet is nothing special. It has a certain “been there, done that” feel to it. Why should you own something your great grandmother once wore? Of course, it is a special piece, but it is quite dated. You should invest in something that is a little more now and a little more wow.

5) Too Safe
A diamond tennis bracelet is the ultimate play it safe accessory. It is simple, glitters, and it is classic. However, it can be a little too classic. Mix it up by investing in diamond jewelry that really wows people thanks to an intricate design or its incredible size. You want your diamond bracelets to stand out. Take a chance, and pick something wild. You can always turn a boring tennis bracelet into a more modern piece. If you want to update it, simply add a gorgeous diamond broach to it. This will update your boring tennis bracelet in an instant.

The tennis bracelet has fallen by the wayside. But if you have one, don’t fret; it will eventually come back into style.  After all, fashion is cyclical.


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