5 Incredible Properties Of Merino Wool Clothing

Have you ever seen one those SUV commercials, where the narrator boasts that it can travel just about anywhere in any type of weather? Well, that’s like Merino Wool. This modern wool product – merino wool has been around for a little while, though its popularity is more recent – is defined by its versatility and comfort, offering wearers both a convenient and luxurious garment.

While much of the merino wool clothing out there is dedicated to workout wear, there are certain brands like Unbound Merino that offer a more streamlined, sophisticated merino product. In other words, you don’t have to be a jogger or gym enthusiast to enjoy these following five incredible properties.

  1. Sweat Wicking: Traveling in the summer can often mean that you spend your days uncomfortably sweaty, but not if you wear merino wool. Sweat wicking, one of merino’s many fantastic properties, works like this: the material of the fabric quickly dries, removing sweat from the body to the outer layers of the cloth itself, and then the sweat evaporates into the air. The article linked here rates and recommends merino wool as one of the primary go-tofabrics for moisture wicking. 

    2. Breathable: Often listed as one of the most breathable fabrics out there, merino wool manages to stay airy and cool, even in the muggiest of settings. If you live in a hot city, or are simply planning on traveling to a hot area, you need something breathable, or else you will quickly overheat. Merino wool fits the bill here, which is interesting because it is also…
  2. Insulating: You might not like to think about it just yet, but winter will be here before you know it (provided you are reading this in the Northern Hemisphere!) Merino wool, despite the fact that it is light in weave, is also insulating, which is why many people choose it as a base layer in the winter.
    4. Fashionable: Looking to travel in style? Merino Wool not only resists wrinkling, but it drapes nicely, meaning that it looks great on pretty much any body shape. This includes tops, as well as even socks and underwear, all of which have a sleek, sophisticated look to them.
  3. Odourless: Some products, even certain wool fabrics, carry and even attract strong odours to them, but not merino wool; this super-fabric has antimicrobial properties, meaning that the bacteria that causes bad body odour is never given the chance to proliferate. This comes in handy especially when traveling, since you only need to pack a couple merino wool t shirts (rather than a half dozen cotton ones), knowing that they won’t smell foul after a few days.

With the seasonal weather patterns changing throughout most of the world to fall-like conditions presently, Merino Wool has you covered and in constant comfort, no matter what the day’s weather forecast is calling for. This would include regular travel, an expedition, working out, or even just performing a general task outdoors.