4 Things You Need to Shop for Solar Eclipse

Whether you decide to stay at home and watch the sun go dark or take a tour to the path of totality, you should be ready with your planning and preparations. Since crucial supplies can face a shortage, as well as, the traffic on the solar eclipse day will be hitting abnormal levels all over the state, you must get all the essentials in hand when there is still time.

So, before you get confused and panic, here is a checklist to help you out with all the required stuff on a solar eclipse day.

Pick t-shirts made of fabric

It is important that your garments are made of customized fabric in order to beat the heat. Wearing a solar eclipse men’s short sleeve t-shirt that is not very thick and allows you to easily move in along the path of totality is an interesting option. Next, for women, picking a solar eclipse t-shirt made of breathable fabric that will allow the air to pass through for ventilation is also a good choice. If you are expecting to leave your house wearing the normal clothes, think again: nobody knows how the climate is going to be; therefore, wearing comfortable clothes based on the theme of solar eclipse will make the event overwhelming for you.

Go for tank tops

The next on the list are tank tops that will be your savior under the scorching heat of the sun. Moreover, during the solar eclipse Montana, white and lightweight tank tops became the cool fashion statement which folks wore en route to the path of totality. Looking for comfort and style together on a solar eclipse day? In case your answer is yes, shop for tank tops and pair them with chinos and loafers.

Tote bags will save your day

A solar eclipse calls for bringing you on the path with some essential items. If you are looking to buy tote bags, make sure that they come with graphics related to the path of totality, just to add an extra feel! On a serious note, shop for bags that are built with thick material and help you in carrying items like sunscreen, hat, white towels, extra batteries, cell phone charger, sunglasses and duct tape.

Switch on to throw pillows

Just like you change your home décor every season, pick a pillow customized with the path of totality cover during your solar eclipse shopping. Buy 3 or 4 extra covers as well, so that you can swap out them occasionally. Try to choose between specific fabrics like leather, linen or cotton which would offer durability if you got pets or children at home.

A solar eclipse day is almost similar to a football event, where people leave early with their family and required essentials to get the best spot. It is all about making memories and being safe during the visit to the path of totality.

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