2014 Wedding Trends

Planning your wedding can be a stressful experience, there are hundreds of things to think about, the flowers, the rings, the suits, the venue, the food and of course the dress! But help is at hand in an age where wedding planning is an actual job, vast sections of the newsagents are dedicated to bridal magazines and hotels offer bespoke packages to make you big day special. The fundamentals of the day never change but the trends, styles and themes of weddings are constantly evolving, here are the top trends of weddings in 2014.

The First Look – Whilst traditionalists feel the bride and groom shouldn’t set eyes on one another until the music has started and the long walk down the aisle begins, one of the latest trends is the first look, this is a moment that is captured by a photographer of the first time the soon to be wed couple see each other, it could be from opening a door, standing back to back and turning or appearing from behind something, but if done right this is one moment to treasure.

Bespoke Wedding Rings – Gone are the days of the simple gold wedding band, it is now possible to have your rings cast in a variety of metals and with precious stones inset into them such as the ones at www.marlows-diamonds.co.uk,  it is also possible for you to have your wedding rings engraved with a few simple words, names, the date or location.

Great Gatsby – Following on from the box office success of The Great Gatsby, more and more people are turning to a 1920’s inspired wedding, with cold -rimmed china, champagne coupes and swing bands all featuring prominently. Style wish there is also a 1920’s theme going on with chandelier lit ballrooms proving to be a popular location.

Wild Flowers – As weddings go one of the most commented on items is the flowers and in 2014 they really take centre stage, its a case of out with the traditional roses and lilies and in with the unusual greens and woodland bouquets. Wild and woodland flowers are really in at the moment offering earthy textures, vibrant colours and sweet scents to both the tables and the wedding party.

Invitations – Long before the wedding begins there are the invites to send out and this year they have had something of a revolution, adding a lace sleeve over the top of your invite or using some laser cutting to give you more interesting shapes are very popular at the moment, as are personalised drawings of something important to you. Another classy touch is the introduction of gold and bronze foils to add an intricate stamp in the corner of your invite, getting a designed to help with this could really help you get a personal message across.

Seasonal drinks and nibbles – When greeting your guests with drinks and canapés, make sure to keep them seasonal, smoked salmon and cream cheese, washed down with a glass of homemade lemonade should bring sunshine to your summer day whilst, roast beef parcels with horseradish cream and a honey cured bourbon should help you survive the winter.

Restaurant Quality Food – I’m sure many of you have been to a wedding which feature a main course of bland roast beef or plain chicken, this is often one of the most important times of the day and sets up the speeches nicely, so why cut corners on food from the school cafeteria when you could have something far more elegant.

‘Her’ Speech – The say this is a man’s world but that couldn’t be further from the truth, today is the age of equality and if the bride wants to give a speech or correct his, then why not let her try. This year will be the one where her voice could be the most funny, poignant, thankful or gracious in the room.