15 Unbelievable Uses of Hairspray

Hey my divas! I have 15 Unbelievable Uses of Hairspray that you may haven’t heard about. Check them out and use them in practice! Enjoy and have fun!

1. If you want to stop your shoes from slipping when your feet get sweaty – spray them with hairspray!

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2. If you want your leather shoes to glimmer for the entire day, you should spray them with hairspray.

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3. If you don’t want your short dress or skirt to slides up, you should spray hairspray on your tights to keep your clothes on place.

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4. The problem that we often have – getting a run on our tights when we are in a hurry, work or even worst, when we are on a business meeting. When you notice a run on your tights, you should immediately spray it with hairspray.

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5. When you can’t find your lint roller, you should put hairspray on a towel and pat it on your jeans, blouse or jacket. The hairspray will pick up any pet hair, fuzzies and lint from your clothes.

dog hair on pants
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6. With hairspray you can preserve the wedding bouquet that you caught on a wedding or your corsage from prom. You should dry the flowers out first and then you should spray them with hairspray.

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7. If you are afraid of bugs, don’t worry because you can use hairspray to kill them. You can hit them with hairspray first to stop them from moving and then throw them away.

8. You can clean the marker and ink off of the walls with hairspray. It really works!

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9. You should apply hairspray to the zipper of your jeans, skirt or dress to avoid the embarrassing moments when you can’t unzip them.

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10. Did you know that your expensive curtains and drapes are dirt collectors, especially the long and flowing ones? If you don’t apply hairspray to them, they will lose their vibrancy and beauty. In other words, you can protect them from aging with hairspray.

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11.  You can use hairspray as a weapon, when you are in a dangerous situation. You can spray the attacker in the eyes. The hairspray will blind him for a moment, so you will have enough time to escape.

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12. When you, your kids or some careless guests leave an ink mark on your furniture you can try cleaning it out with hairspray.

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13. Sometimes we can’t get the thread through the needle, right? In that case, you should spray the thread down with hairspray to get through more easily.

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14.  Did you know that you can save a fire from dying down with hairspray? A few quick sprays will help you keep your house cozy and warm through out the freezing season.

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15.  Your cookbook and recipes can get messy in the kitchen. You can keep them clean by spraying each page with hairspray.

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Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found this post interesting. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!