15 Cute And Easy-To-Make DIY Headbands

If you want to add a sweet and girly touch to every outfit, the headband is the best way to go. Your hair will be out of your face quickly. They fit every face shape and you can wear them regardless of your hair length. You can find them in many styles and designs, and if you want to have as many of them as possible I suggest you to DIY them at home rather than buying them cause they will cost you a fortune. In the photos below you can check out 15 Cute And Easy-To-Make DIY Headbands.

If you love craft projects, the ones you can find here are great to try. They’re super easy to make and require very little time and effort. You can choose the materials according to your taste. Plus, they can be easily tailored to fit a little girl or an adult’s head. Divas, it’s time to get down to business!

DIY Fabric Headband

Image via fashioninspirationblog.com

DIY Rosette Headband

Image via fashionends.com

DIY Studded Headband

Image via fabdiy.com

DIY Jewelry Headband

Image via topinspired.com

DIY Fabric Flower Headband

Image via iwearthecanvas.blogspot.com

DIY Floral Crown Headband

Image via anotherbeautifulthing.blogspot.com

DIY Painted Flower Headband

Image via ohhappyday.com

DIY Bridal Headband

Image via mercinewyork.com

DIY Braided Headband

Image via augustana.edu

DIY Satin Jeweled Headband

Image via tiarasoftinfoil.tumblr.com

1920’s Inspired DIY Headband

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DIY Braided Fabric Headband

Image via glambistro.com

DIY Simple Ribbon Headband

simple ribbon headband diy 2
Image via homeheartcraft.com

DIY Cat Headband

Image via abeautifulmess.com

DIY Floral Happy Birthday Headband

Image via ohhappyday.com