10 creative gift ideas for your special someone

Whenever a special day like birthday, anniversary or karva chauth is coming. You start thinking about gifting something unique to that special person in your life that no one else would give. And your gift should be able to stand out from the rest. We have crafted a definitive guide for you to choose from 10 different creative gift ideas that you can choose from:

  • Gift a scrapbook – Scrapbook is a masterpiece, handcrafted with love, which signify your love and depth in your relationship. This is a gift which is meant to be given after at least a year of relationship with that person. Consider it like a collection of all memories you have with that person. Fill with all the special moments’ photos, quotes, memorable conversations, places you have visited together. In a few pages, using crafting & color skills make it a lively storybook of all the special memories that you have spent together.
  • Gift a personalized greeting card – Store-bought greeting card is nowhere close to the level of feelings that can be associated with a self-made personalized greeting card. This is an easy to do gift idea and makes an all-rounder gift. No matter how long you have been with that person, you just need to come up with good coloring and beautiful quotes that goes apt for that person. You don’t really need to be an art and crafts pro, all you need to know what you want to say to that person and express it in right words.
  • Send a photo cake – One of the most unexpected thing for any person would be to receive a cake in party with his own and his best pal’s photo over the cake. If you can not find any bakery offering this special type of cakes, then you can find many websites that are providing the best cake home delivery in Bangalore which offer photo cakes in a variety of flavors.
  • Gift a customized mug or pillow – Two very basic things that a person always use are a mug for having coffee and a pillow on his bed for sleeping. This brings a perfect opportunity to gift him something for which he will remember you for long. Get a special photograph of you two together or his alone and get it printed on a beautiful mug or pillow. That way, this gift will stay with him always.
  • Gift a customized mobile cover – After 5 months, generally people get bored of their mobile phone. And it’s not possible to buy a new phone every 6th month, so people usually get a new phone cover which give their phone a new look once again. Nowadays you will find a variety of mobile covers available in market. But nothing would be able to beat a completely personalized mobile cover.
  • Gift photo frame of collage – Nothing feels more cheerful than a single snapshot of all the memories together. This is like an old wine, placed on shelf in your living room, getting better with passing time. That photo frame hanging on the wall, will give immense delight to your friend looking over it for many years to come. And try to bring that surprise element by including those photographs in collage as well, which your friend has never thought you have it.
  • Personalized video wishes – A creative way of wishing that special friend of yours is by making a short video consisting of wishes from his several friends. Meet his friends and ask them to record a video wishing him and club all of those videos to make a special one for your friend.
  • Handwritten letters – In the age of WhatsApp, email and video calls, actual touch of words has been lost. But real letters are something which are very precious for the person who receives it and believe it or not they preserve it for lifetime. So, if you can write and something to say which have not conveyed to him till now then this is the kind of gift for him. Take your time, craft your sentences to mean something so deep that it becomes a memory forever.
  • Traditional love gifts – If you are looking for a creative gift for a traditional occasion symbolizing love like karva chauth. Then the gifts we mentioned above might not sound very suitable. On karva chauth it is hard to make something creative on your own, but there are many websites which are offering traditional gifts for karva chauth, and many other ready-made gifts which can be given on any traditional day. You can also send karva chauth gifts to your wife or mother-in-law to make your this traditional day more better.
  • Handmade portraits – This is one of a very beautiful gift and is rarely presented to anyone due to complexity involved. It’s not really necessary that you have to be good with sketches and paintings for making portraits of your loved ones. All you need to do, is to get a good photograph of your friend and visit a artist for creating a portrait of her. Frame it well, and present to your friend. Trust me, you need a camera at that moment to capture his expressions.